Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, I can't believe all that has happened around here since my last post. One thing I did forget that was so important to me, but, somehow I didn't tell you about, was the wonderful week-end we had with Charity and James' new baby. On Sat., Sept. 12, Laurie and Sue Johansen had a baby shower for Charity, and then, on Sunday, Dave & Patti and all their kids were here to give little Elias Dane West his name and a beautiful blessing by his daddy. It was wonderful seeing all of the Johansens together after all of them have been apart for so long. We tried taking pictures, but our camera battery died, and I felt so bad that we didn't get any. However, Charity's friend was there, and she did get some great pics that I will send to you (when I get them from Charity). On the 27th of Sept., we felt so blessed to see our son, Lane, sustained and set apart as the Bishop of the Sunset 5th Ward. Unfortunately, again, no pics, because this dumb lady forgot to take the camera. But, you all know what Lane looks like, so I guess it is all right. That same morning, I was called to meet with the second counselor in our bishopric and was asked to be the cubmaster in our ward. Can you believe? Me, this 76 (well, in about 17 days) year old grandma, a cubmaster. I really thought they must be kidding. But, no, I guess not, because I was set apart last Sunday, Oct. 11. I am overwhelmed with the prospect of it all, but, I have been working hard the last 2 weeks getting ready, and I believe it is all falling into place. Our theme for our Oct. Pack meeting is "Jungle Safari", and I think the kids will like our trip through the jungle. I will send pics of our decorations, etc., after the 28th (Pack meeting). On the same day as Lane's new calling and my new calling, Tammy had a little "going away" party for Brandy, Jake and the kids, and that was not so good. How we will miss them. But, it is a golden opportunity for Jake, and they just couldn't turn it down. I was finally able to get some pics, and I will share them with you. Hope they go where I want them to go. Check back later.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tuesday, Sept. 22 was such a special day for us. Randy has been involved for several months doing weed-eating and other mundane tasks that we all hate for our neighborhood, and our little community of Washington Terrace. One of the neighbors, Pam Johnson, called KSL and told them about Randy's service to others, and KSL came and did a spotlight on him. You can check this out by going to this hyperlink:

It was aired on KSL this morning at 6:00 a.m., and so I am sharing it with you. Love ya' lots. Shirley

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Randy with Joe from KSL and Pam Johnson, who sponsored Randy as a candidate for the award.

Heather & Joe
from KSL

Shirley Brownson, June Knudsen, Roy Browson

Heidi Shapiro, Catherine Palmer, Pam Johnson, Heather, Joe & some family members.

Bishop Jack Dallinga, Blaine & Carolyn Phillips,
June Knudsen, Shirley Brownson, Margaret Hunt,
Rochelle & Mary Walker, Renee & Larry Hancock,
Lee Hoerchel

Vern Coombs, Shirley, Heather
Tammy, Bostyn, Shara, Sandy
Coombs, & Logan Coombs
Several others were in attendance that we did not get pictures of, but, my count was wrong. There were 39 in attendance. Those that were here were:
Randy, who is the one featured for the big deal!
From KSL: Heather & Joe
Pam Johnson who nominated Randy for the award and presentation.
Shara, who started all of this along with Pam
Vern & Sandy Coombs, and grandson, Logan Coombs
Bishop Jack Dallinga (High Councilman for our Ward)
Bishop Spencer Smith (Our current Bishop)
Bob & Nancy Morley
Roy & Shirley Brownson
Blaine & Carolyn Phillips
Larry & Rene Hancock
Lee Hoerchel & Margaret Hunt
Madeline & Steve Damon
Jill Marchant
Diane Hundley
Rochelle & Mary Walker
Kirsten & her son Ferlin
Wendy Hegstrom
Tammy Nyland
Brandy, Bailee, Bostyn, & Hayden Miller
Heidi Shapiro
Catherine Palmer
June Knudsen
Fred and Shirley

Fun Day for Randy!

Randy has spent several months going around our little town of Washington Terrace, and weed-eating many homes. Pam & Merrill Johnson (owners of one of these homes) decided that Randy should be rewarded for his many hours of community service. Pam called KSL and together with Heather (?) they decided to have as many friends and neighbors that could join us be here yesterday (Tues., Sept. 22) at 2:00, and they would do a spotlight for him. Well, we never thought we would have such a nice group attend with a day and time like that. Shara had also worked with Pam to make things go so well. She kept Randy away from the festivities until KSL arrived, and then brought him home to see what his "surprise" was. Pam brought this sign, along with two bouquets of balloons to make it even more festive. We had 34 people in our front yard, including Randy, Fred, and I. Fred and I had made two kinds of cookies the day before, and we set up a card table in the front yard, where we put the cookies and lemonade, and chairs for everyone to set on. KSL interviewed Randy and asked him why he wanted to help everyone the way he did, and he told them, he didn't think anyone either didn't have a weed eater, or didn't know how to do it. I thought that was kind of funny, as he has always wanted to help others with any project they needed done. He certainly deserved the honor that was given him. KSL will broadcast this event on Friday morning, Sept. 25 between 6:00 and 6:30 if any of you would like to go in and watch it that early. These are a few of the pics we took of those in attendance. Unfortunately, we didn't get everyone that was there.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Updates for a month?

I can't believe that one person can experience so many great, sad, painful, wonderful, and exciting things in such a short period of time. But, it has been it has been an interesting time!

I will try to update you on just a little of what has been going on in our lives. Last Friday, Fred and I went to dinner and a movie to celebrate the last of our many remodeling projects both inside amd out since returning home from our mission last Dec. We have put new seat covers on our kitchen chairs and bar stools, new inserts in our French patio doors, torn out the carpet in our main bathroon, and put in new tile, and sink counter top, re-painted the kitchen where we tore out the wall and cabinet to make more room for the fridge that went out, bought a new washer, dryer, and stove as well as the new refrigerator. We have re-painted our bedroom, and our TV room, and frontroom where we took the drapes and sheers down and put up new valances. We also tore out the front entry door and side lights, and, now with the drapes and sheers gone and the lighter windows in the door, our house has taken on a whole new look. We have put all new pereneal plants in outside that will hopefully NEVER have to be planted again in our lifetime! In addition to that, we have spent many hours at our proprty at Sour Dough cleaning, ripping, cutting down hundreds of tree sprouts, and have hauled 11 ton of gravel and spread it out around the property and road. I have managed to squeeze in two surgeries on my shoulder and hand. I had a lot of trouble with the first surgery with a few complications, but the last one seems to be better, and although I'm typing all of this nonsense with just one hand, it seems to be okay.

It has been an eventful last two days, and, although we are tired, we loved spending time with our family.

After we left Orem we came back to the baptism of our youngest, and last grandchild, McKinLee Jo Smith. How proud of her we are to have made such a good choice to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She looked like an angel, and is very special to us. She was baptized by her older brother, Jared, who did a supurb job. We are proud of him as well.

McKinLee was confirmed by her dad.

McKinLee at her house after the baptism

I feel bad that grandpa wasn't able to get a picture of "Kinner" alone, instead of me in it with her. Something happened to our camera, Darn!

Yesterday was a wonderful day, spent celebrating one of our great-granddaughters (Jersey Renae Smith, daughter of Robb and Jen, and granddaughter of Lane and Laurie) first birthday.

Can you believe all those presents for a one-year old?

Jersey is looking that cake over

And, mom gets some cake, too!

And, Jersey is walking all over the place!

On the 28th of Aug.. I underwent my second surgery on my hand. All of us thought the Dr. who had done the previous surgery had severed a nerve in my hand, as I continued having pain, numbness, and great sensitivity in it from two weeks after the first surgery on Feb. 02 until now, back thankfully, the nerve was not severed. The nerve was encapsilated with enough scar tissue to shut the nerve off. Hopefully this will relieve my pain and suffering.
Fred and I spent two days shopping and cooking enough meals to take care of us until I get full use of my hand again. We cleaned, washed, ironed, and got almost everything done on our "return home remodeling plan", before I undergo surgery #2.

After all of our family left on the 17th of Aug., Fred and I were riding around on the four-wheel, and just a short distance from our place, we came across these two bull moose.

There really are moose at Sour Dough!

And, by the way, when I downloaded more of my pics, I found one of a mother deer with twin fawns!

Look closely, and you will see mom and one baby. The other one is standing in back and is nursing his mother.

Brandy, Jake, the girls and Hayden stayed overnight with us, and we sat around the bonfire, had smores, and enjoyed visiting with one another. Brandy and the kids slept with us in the trailer and poor Jake about froze to death in the tent, and ended up sleepimg in his sleeping bag by the fire. We so much enjoyed the time we had with them. What will we ever do when they leave for
Grandpa and Jake checking battery cables on his car

On the 15th of August, we had made plans with all of our family that could, to come to Sour Dough and celebrate grandpa's (Fred's) birthday, but it rained off and on most of the night on Thursday, and it was really cold. We waited until noon and finally called our kids and told them not to come, as it was still sprinkling off and on, and really cold. Shara, though, thought everyone should come, as the roads weren't too muddy, and so Todd's family, and Tammy's family (except Kyle) came. Lane's family had by then made other plans. And, of course, Gordon and Jeanne are now living in Massachusettes. How we miss them! We had a great time with the kids riding the four wheelers, and the big boys playing hoseshoes (grandpa, Jim, Jake and Zach), and of couse, a good dinner with birthday cake.

Josh, Cindy, Bailee, Jim with baby Hayden, and Randy

Jim and Fred against...........

Jake and Zach

Todd by the playhouse

Tammy, Bostyn, Brandy, and Hayden

Tammy, Jessie, Shara and Bostyn


It has been a busy, trying, painful, wonderful month filled with way too many things for one person to experience, but, I'll try to update you on just a few of the events that have taken place in our lives. We had a great week-end beginning last Friday. We came to the conclusion of all our remodeling projects both inside and outside of our house by taking out all of the dead mugo pines from the front of the house, and re-planting new shrubs. Fred and I went to dinner and a movie (the first time in so long I can't remember). On Sat. we traveled to Orem to see one of our great-granddaughters (Jersey Renae Smith, daughter of Robb and Jen and granddaughter of Lane and Laurie) celebrate her first birtthday.
Dad needed to help her, as she wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to do.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wed. Aug. 12, 2009

Well, I got Mr. Brownson's pics of what he thought was our mother deer and her twin fawns, but, they didn't show much. So, we will see if we can get her back a day next week when it is a bit more quiet after all our family have left from celebrating grandpa's B-Day. Till then. Love ya' all.