Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, I can't believe all that has happened around here since my last post. One thing I did forget that was so important to me, but, somehow I didn't tell you about, was the wonderful week-end we had with Charity and James' new baby. On Sat., Sept. 12, Laurie and Sue Johansen had a baby shower for Charity, and then, on Sunday, Dave & Patti and all their kids were here to give little Elias Dane West his name and a beautiful blessing by his daddy. It was wonderful seeing all of the Johansens together after all of them have been apart for so long. We tried taking pictures, but our camera battery died, and I felt so bad that we didn't get any. However, Charity's friend was there, and she did get some great pics that I will send to you (when I get them from Charity). On the 27th of Sept., we felt so blessed to see our son, Lane, sustained and set apart as the Bishop of the Sunset 5th Ward. Unfortunately, again, no pics, because this dumb lady forgot to take the camera. But, you all know what Lane looks like, so I guess it is all right. That same morning, I was called to meet with the second counselor in our bishopric and was asked to be the cubmaster in our ward. Can you believe? Me, this 76 (well, in about 17 days) year old grandma, a cubmaster. I really thought they must be kidding. But, no, I guess not, because I was set apart last Sunday, Oct. 11. I am overwhelmed with the prospect of it all, but, I have been working hard the last 2 weeks getting ready, and I believe it is all falling into place. Our theme for our Oct. Pack meeting is "Jungle Safari", and I think the kids will like our trip through the jungle. I will send pics of our decorations, etc., after the 28th (Pack meeting). On the same day as Lane's new calling and my new calling, Tammy had a little "going away" party for Brandy, Jake and the kids, and that was not so good. How we will miss them. But, it is a golden opportunity for Jake, and they just couldn't turn it down. I was finally able to get some pics, and I will share them with you. Hope they go where I want them to go. Check back later.

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