Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wed. Aug. 12, 2009

Well, I got Mr. Brownson's pics of what he thought was our mother deer and her twin fawns, but, they didn't show much. So, we will see if we can get her back a day next week when it is a bit more quiet after all our family have left from celebrating grandpa's B-Day. Till then. Love ya' all.

Sour Dough

Today I am going to try and add some pics of our place at Sour Dough, and if you get them, then I have been successful in doing something new. If you don't, well......So, here goes.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tues. Aug. 11,
You will never guess what happened yesterday while we were entertaining our friends (the Brownsons, and the Kings) at Sour Dough. We have had this beautiful deer visit our property on a couple of occasions, but, yesterday she came in to get seeds out of the bird house we had in the tree, and after eating for just a minute, and while we were watching her, she turned around to see what the commotion behind her was, and there, standing beside her, were twin fawns. Unfortunately, we couldn't get to our camera to get the picture of the three of them, but Mr. Brownson did, and maybe we can get it from him so that I can share this beautiful thing of nature with you. We were at Sour Dough for their big Sour Dough Days, but, it was really cold and we only stayed for dinner on Friday night (Aug. 07) and for breakfast on Saturday morning (Aug. 08) before leaving for another party with the Ladies' Club that I have belonged to for over 50 years. Guess I'll also have to share that funny picture with you as well. Believe me, 8 old ladies really are funny looking. We are looking forward to spending time with our family members to celebrate Fred's 78th B-Day this coming Sat. (Aug.15), also to be held at Sour Dough. I promise to download a few pics of some of our events over the past few weeks within the next few days. So, till then. Love ya' lots. Shirley

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All about us!

After 57 years of marriage how can we share all our memories in a few sentences? And where do I begin to tell you all about us? Well, most of you know all of those details, so maybe I'll just begin by telling you a little bit about our life events as we left Florida after serving our mission in Dec., 2008. We traveled for a few days, and Fred became ill, and was swerving all over the road while pulling our 5th wheel behind our truck. As we came into Texas, he became worse, and we had to get him to a hospital to see what was wrong. He was admitted after having many tests and exams with prostatitis, and a kidney infection. He was so ill that the doctors told us we could not drive home pulling our trailer, and so Tammy and Jim flew to Amarillo, met us, got us on a plane, and they drove the trailer home, while we flew back to Utah. After arriving home, and being changed on a different medicine, Fred gradually improved and is doing much better right now. In Feb., I had to have a rotator cuff repair and a carpal tunnel release done, and now, 6 months later, the shoulder is doing okay, but I am still having a lot of trouble with my hand, losing most of the mobility in it, and continuing with numbness and pain. I am scheduled for an exploratory surgery on the 28th of Aug., and then further surgery after that down the road for a tendon transfer, and web site release to get my movement back in the hand. We have spent many hours remodeling our house; tearing out carpet in the bathroom, and putting in floor tile, a new paint job, and a new counter sink top. We have painted our bedroom, the TV room, and have made new covers on our chairs in the kitchen. We had to get a new stove, washer, and dryer, and would you believe? Our fridge went out yesterday, and we had to buy a new one, only to find that after doing a little remodeling for it to fit, it still didn't, and Fred has now torn out the wall into the cupboard trying to squeeze it in. Holy Cow! It never rains but what it pours. In addition to those projects, we have hauled 10 tons of gravel to Sour Dough, pulled, cut, and shoveled out hundreds of saplings from the property, repainted the deck, painted the shed, and the playhouse, and tried to really upgrade the place. But, it is so beautiful there amongst all the folliage, and the wildlife that roam the place. We have already had 3 groups of friends visit us for dutch oven dinners at Sour Dough, and how we enjoyed their company. Our family members are planning to come, also, for Fred's 78th B-Day. So, that updates us for a little while. Hopefully, all of you will receive this and will let us know what goes on in your life. Love ya' lots.

Hello: Guess what?

Can you believe that an old lady like me is trying to "blog"? Well, neither can I, but here we go.