Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Randy with Joe from KSL and Pam Johnson, who sponsored Randy as a candidate for the award.

Heather & Joe
from KSL

Shirley Brownson, June Knudsen, Roy Browson

Heidi Shapiro, Catherine Palmer, Pam Johnson, Heather, Joe & some family members.

Bishop Jack Dallinga, Blaine & Carolyn Phillips,
June Knudsen, Shirley Brownson, Margaret Hunt,
Rochelle & Mary Walker, Renee & Larry Hancock,
Lee Hoerchel

Vern Coombs, Shirley, Heather
Tammy, Bostyn, Shara, Sandy
Coombs, & Logan Coombs
Several others were in attendance that we did not get pictures of, but, my count was wrong. There were 39 in attendance. Those that were here were:
Randy, who is the one featured for the big deal!
From KSL: Heather & Joe
Pam Johnson who nominated Randy for the award and presentation.
Shara, who started all of this along with Pam
Vern & Sandy Coombs, and grandson, Logan Coombs
Bishop Jack Dallinga (High Councilman for our Ward)
Bishop Spencer Smith (Our current Bishop)
Bob & Nancy Morley
Roy & Shirley Brownson
Blaine & Carolyn Phillips
Larry & Rene Hancock
Lee Hoerchel & Margaret Hunt
Madeline & Steve Damon
Jill Marchant
Diane Hundley
Rochelle & Mary Walker
Kirsten & her son Ferlin
Wendy Hegstrom
Tammy Nyland
Brandy, Bailee, Bostyn, & Hayden Miller
Heidi Shapiro
Catherine Palmer
June Knudsen
Fred and Shirley

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